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Pnc merchant services contact

pnc merchant services contact

As a merchant service provider, PNC Merchant Services will give your business the ability to accept credit cards and other payment methods. Compared to other. PNC Merchant Services® announced today a new tablet-based point-of-sale system for restaurant owners/managers, Clover™ Station. PNC. Hired Organization Address Grand Rapids, MI Remote As a Merchant Account Executive within PNC's Merchant Services/Business Banking.
pnc merchant services contact

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Clover Network

Cloud-based Android point of sale platform

Coordinates: 37°23′11.76″N122°1′54.07″W / 37.3866000°N 122.0316861°W / 37.3866000; -122.0316861

Clover Network Logo.png
Clover Station with receipt printer and cash drawer.jpg

The touchscreen Clover Station with a receipt printer and cash drawer.

FoundedOctober 2010
FoundersLeonard Speiser, John Beatty, Kelvin Zheng

Sunnyvale, California


United States

Area served


Key people

Jeff Dickerson (Head of Clover)

Number of employees


Clover is a cloud-based Android point of sale (POS) platform that was launched in April 2012. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. As of the quarter ended September 2020, Clover processed $133 billion of annualized card transactions worldwide, making it the largest U.S. cloud POS firm.[1]

Clover was acquired on December 28, 2012 by First Data Corporation,[2] which itself was acquired by Fiserv, the world's largest merchant acquirer,[3] on July 29, 2019.[4] Bank of America Merchant Services was the first to announce it would sell Pnc merchant services contact to its merchant base in October 2013.[5][6] PNC Merchant Services was the second to announce it would sell Clover to its merchant base.[7]


Funding and early history[edit]

Clover was incorporated on October 15, 2010 and raised $5.5M on November 1, 2010.[8] The lead investor was Sutter Hill Ventures with participation from Andreessen Horowitz and a number of angel investors. The company was founded by John Beatty, Leonard Speiser, and Kelvin Zheng. The company secured an additional $3M convertible note from Sutter Hill Ventures in April 2012.[9]

First hardware product[edit]

Clover launched its first hardware solution, the Clover Station, in 2013 and began shipping it in January 2014.[10] Clover opened its App Marketplace to third-party developers in 2014. Gyft announced the launch of its Gift Cloud Service on Clover in April 2014.[11]

First Data announced the sale of 17,000 Clover Stations six months after the release of the product.[12] This put Clover ahead of Square Stand in terms of total units shipped.

On September 9, 2014 Clover announced its work with Apple to support Apple Pay via its Android POS Platform.[13] Clover described the functionality in a blog post[13] that was featured on the home page of Hacker News.[14]

Second hardware product[edit]

Clover announced its second hardware product, the Clover Mobile, at the Money 20/20 conference in November 2014.[15] On State bank of india near me branch 19, 2015, Clover Mobile won the gold medal for the Best POS innovation at the Pnc merchant services contact Awards ceremony.[16] Clover Mobile features a complete EMVCo compliant payments solution with an on-screen pin-pad,[17] that is fully PCI PTS 4.0 compliant.[18] It also features an EMVCo compliant Contactless payment interface which enables it to support Apple Pay among other contactless payment modes. The device has an ergonomic handle with an integrated barcode scanner[19] - with an external wireless mobile printer accessory[20] designed to keep the device lightweight and reduce fatigue.

Third hardware product[edit]

Clover's third hardware business account uk no credit check, the Clover Mini was launched by First Data on June 16, 2015.[21] Like Clover Mobile, Clover Mini[22] is a PCI PTS 4.0 approved,[23] EMVCo compliant contact and contactless next generation payment device. Clover Mini has a built-in receipt printer and is designed to be a terminal replacement with the support for advanced payments interfaces, while also allowing Merchants to install apps from the Clover App Market.[24] Clover Mini also features a USB hub allowing easy interface of peripherals such as external barcode scanners, cash drawer [25] and a Merchant keypad (for cases where the Mini is Customer-facing).[26]


On December 28, 2012, Clover entered into a merger agreement with First Data Corporation.[27] In a radio interview with Wharton professor Rahul Kapoor[28] the structure of the acquisition was explained. An operating agreement was put into place whereby Clover would receive $100M in funding to run independently. First Data would be responsible for sales and support, while Clover built all new payment hardware/software for the company. The deal utilized a "Founder's Clause" that would trigger a very large penalty payment if the parent company interfered with operations of Clover. Thirty two months after the acquisition Clover was mentioned 88 times in the S-1 filed by First Data Corporation.[29] Clover is now owned by Fiserv through the acquisition of First Data Corporation.


Clover sponsors race team Chip Ganassi Racing with their partnerships with First Data and Credit One Bank. Clover is also one of the sleeve sponsors for the San Jose Earthquakes.[30]



Customer Service Phone Numbers

How to use this page: dial the number below and you will be get the following menu options (transcript of the phone menu).

Personal Accounts

Call: 1-888-PNC-BANK (888-762-2265)
hours: Monday – Friday: 7am to 10pm ET; Saturday – Sunday: 8am to 5pm ET

Toll free number to contact support representative with account help, pay your bill, report a lost/stolen credit card, etc. Get a human.

  • Welcome to PNC Voice Banking.
  • We are currently experiencing increased call volumes due to COVID-19, and PNC recognizes that some of our customers may be negatively affected by impacts of this global outbreak. PNC is committed to helping our customers. If you are experiencing financial challenges as a result, please got to\hardshipassistance, how do you calculate monthly mortgage payments you can apply for available options.
  • If you are calling for information on temporary branch closures, or adjusted hours of operations, please search locations on, or use the locate tool on your mobile app for the most recent updates.
  • To get started, please say your User ID or enter it on the keypad. You can also say “I don’t have one.”
  • To access your personal accounts, press 1.
    • To work with your checking, savings, CD or IRA accounts, press 1.
    • For telephone transfers, press 2.
    • For loan or line of credit accounts, press 3.
    • For credit cards, press 4.
    • Or, for tax information, press 5.
  • For business banking, press 2.
    • Welcome to PNC’s Business Banking Center.
    • For automated account information, press 1.
    • For help with online banking, cash flow insight, quicken, or pinnacle, press 2.
    • For information on new products and new account openings, press 3.
    • For remote deposit, treasury management, or merchant services, press 4.
    • To speak with a business banking consultant on an existing account, press 0 at any time.
  • For online banking questions, press 3.
    • For assistance with your personal account, press 1.
    • For assistance with your business account, press 2.
  • If you’re calling to report a lost or stolen card, press 4.
    • To state bank of india near me branch a problem on your loan account, press 1.
    • To report a lost or stolen card, or to report a card transaction problem, press 2.
    • To report a problem on your checking, savings, or certificate of deposit account, press 3.
  • For rates, or to open a new account, or check the status of a loan application, press 5.
    • To apply for a loan, check the status of your loan application, or to open a deposit account, press 1.
    • For loan and deposit rate information, press 2.
  • If you are a third party calling for a loan payoff, or a PNC customer calling for check verification, press 6.
    • To verify a customer’s check, press 1.
    • To obtain a loan payoff, press 2.
  • For branch hours and locations, or to reach other departments, press 7.
    • For branch locations and hours, press 1.
    • This info is also available on our website at
    • For other departments, press 2.
  • Or, to speak to a consultant, press 0.

Tech Support for Online Banking




Merchant Discount Rate

What Is the Merchant Discount Rate?

The merchant discount rate is the rate charged to a merchant for payment processing services on debit and credit card transactions. The merchant must set up this service and agree to the rate before accepting debit and credit cards as payment.

Understanding the Merchant Discount Rate

The merchant discount rate is a fee that merchants must consider when managing the overall costs of their business. Local merchants and e-commerce merchants will typically have varying fees and service level agreements. Most merchants can expect to pay a 1% to 3% fee for payment processing of each transaction. Payment processors have well-established infrastructures and fee schedule arrangements in place to support all types of merchant payments.

Key Takeaways

  • The merchant discount rate is charged to merchants for processing debit and credit card transactions.
  • To accept debit and credit cards, merchants must set up this service and agree to the rate.
  • The merchant discount rate is a fee, typically between 1%-3%, that merchants must consider when managing business costs.

Special Considerations

Payment processing infrastructures help support commerce across the world. Financial technology american heritage credit union king of prussia pa helping payments to be processed faster with many companies developing point-of-sale (POS) services that also offer options for payment plans, loans, and lines of credit. Payment processors are at the forefront of technology development in payment processing and their relationships with merchants are key to the infrastructure of commerce.

Merchants have a pnc merchant services contact of options available for payment processing. They can utilize fintech company services, such as Square or Shopify. They can also set up merchant payment processing with a bank directly. Some of the top bank offerings for payment processing include Chase POS Payment Solutions, U.S. Bank POS Solutions, and Bank of America Merchant Services. All of these payment processors can also offer e-commerce payment processing.

For merchants, the fees and fee agreements involved in an account can be complicated. Merchants have numerous providers to choose from and these providers also offer varying fee schedules. Merchants can expect to pay a processing fee for the deposit, as well as network and interchange fees for obtaining funds from the customer’s account. Merchant discount rates for e-commerce are typically higher due to additional costs for added security.

Many businesses will have both local and e-commerce transactions, which will vary and also add to the complexity of payment processing costs.

Fee schedules for payment processing are most often charged at a merchant discount rate; however, some providers may charge a flat monthly fee. If service arrangements include an interchange provider with a bank. Then the merchant will pay two providers for the transaction. If dealing only with a bank, the merchant will typically have a bundled merchant discount rate for the full processing of the transaction. Fintech processors will typically offer lower costs while bank processing fees are typically higher due to the full-service consolidation.

Electronic payment networks offer customers the option to pay from multiple sources. This is a benefit for customers and an advantage for merchants. Many merchants will require a minimum charge for using an electronic form of payment. This minimum charge helps support the payment of the merchant discount rate by the merchant.


PNC Bank Customer Service & Support 1-800 Phone Numbers, Email

PNC Bank is oldest and secure bank and PNC was first founded in the year of 1852, its headquarter was located in Pittsburgh, PA, United States of America. PNC bank offers many wide range services to their bank customers like personal and business. The PNC bank offers to their customers:

Personal PNC Bank Account Types

  1. Checking
  2. Savings Account
  3. Check Card
  4. Credit Card
  5. Debit Card
  6. Gift Card
  7. Online Banking & Bill Pay
  8. Loans and Lines of Credit
  9. Mortgage
  10. Home Equity
  11. Auto Loans
  12. Personal Loans & Lines of Credit
  13. Education/Student Loans
  14. Insurance
  15. Investments and Wealth Management
  16. Account Services

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Small Business PNC Bank Services
  1. Online Business Services
  2. Online Payroll
  3. Savings and Liquidity
  4. Business Loans and Credit
  5. Merchant Services
  6. Term Loans
  7. SBA Financing
  8. Business Credit Cards
  9. Account Services
  10. Credit Cards
  11. Business Check Card
  12. Gift Card
  13. Retirement Plans
  14. WorkPlace Banking
  15. Health Savings Accounts

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Corporate & Institutional PNC Bank Services
  1. Financing Options
  2. Equipment Finance
  3. Asset-based lending
  4. Traditional Senior Lending
  5. Treasury Management
  6. Direct Deposit
  7. Funds Transfer
  8. Automated Clearing House
  9. Corporate Money Market Deposit Account
  10. Capital Markets
  11. International Banking Services
  12. Institutional Investment Management
  13. Investment Serving Solutions
PNC Bank

In this article I am listed essential customer pnc merchant services contact phone numbers and tollfree numbers of PNC Bank.

PNC Bank Personal Accounts Customer Care Number: 1-888-PNC-BANK (888-762-2265)

Above mentioned number is for PNC bank personal account customer care tollfree number, if you have any query related to your personal account related or need information regards to your PNC bank just make a call to above number, this number will works only hours: Monday – Friday: 7am to 10pm ET; Saturday – Sunday: 8am to 5pm ET.

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  • Whenever you make a call to this number the automated system will says, welcome to PMC bank.
  • Here you need to provide some details like to get started please say your user ID or enter it on the keypad. If you don’t have user ID just you can also say I don’t have one.
  • Tell or choose either I don’t have one.
  • Now it asks you are PNC bank customer just Okay, are you already a PNC customer?
  • Give Yes if you are PNC customer already.
  • Now it asks your used ID like great, since you are already a PMC customer, you should have been given a user ID; most likely it is your social security number, so please say or key in your social security number.

PNC Business Banking Customer Service: 877-BUS-BNKG (877-287-2654)

Above mentioned number is PNC Business banking customer service phone number, if you are the customer of business banking on PNC bank and if you ave any query related about you account service just make a call to this number.

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  • When your call was connected the automated system will says, welcome to PNC business banking center, please select from the following sales and services options.
  • If you are looking information related to automated information on business accounts and loans, to re orders business checks or to change your telephone banking pin, just press 1.
  • If you are looking information related to signed up for telephone transfer, just press 2.
  • If you are looking information regards rt open a new business account, apply for a business loan or credit card or for questions on how to establish remote deposits just press 3.
  • If you are need information regarding to assistance with existing treasury management services including remote deposits, just press 4.
  • If you are looking information related for merchant services at PNC bank, just press 5.
  • If you are looking information related to business credit card information or to pay your federal or state taxes electronically using tax express, just press 6.
  • If you are looking to find for branch hours and office locations just press 7.
  • If you are need to speak to a consultant press 0. This option can be used at any menu.

PNC Bank Customer Service Support for Online Banking: 1-800-762-2035

Above mentioned number is for Online banking customer care support number for PNC Bank.

  • Whenever you calling this number the automated system will responses as, thank you for calling PNC online banking.
  • And then the system will to ensure the accuracy of our records, you may be prompted within PNC online banking to validate your contact information, such as pnc merchant services contact, phone number or email address.
  • If you are going to get assistance for enrolling or logging into online banking, just pnc merchant services contact 1.
  • If you are looking for assistance with online banking features and services, such as bill payment, phone transfer or mobile or text banking, just press 2.
  • Or you are looking for assistance with browser support, quicken or quick book, just press 3.
  • If you are looking for all other inquiries, just press 4.
  • If you are looking for automated account information using telephone banking, just press 5.

For more:

PNC Bank Virtual Wallet Customer Service Number: 1-800-352-2255

If you any query related to PNC bank virtual wallet service just make call to customer care service using above mentioned tollfree phone number. This number coldwell banker tara works for only:

  • 24-hour Automated Account Information is available 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • And PNC Customer Care Consultants are available 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., ET, Monday through Friday and 8:00 a.m. to pnc merchant services contact p.m., ET, Saturday and Sunday to help you with your existing PNC accounts or to open new accounts.

PNC Bank Personal Credit Card Customer Service: 1-800-558-8472

  • This number is for 24-hour Automated Account Information is available 24/7.

PNC Bank Mortgage Customer Service: 1-800-822-5626

  • This number is 24-hour Automated Account Information is available 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • And PNC Customer Care Consultants are available 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. ET, Monday through Thursday and 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET, Friday, to help you with your existing mortgage accounts.

PNC Bank Business Credit Card Customer Service: 1-800-474-2102

  • This number is 24-hour Automated Account Information is available 24/7.

PNC Bank Investments Accounts Customer Service: 1-800-622-7086.

  • This number is for Our financial specialists are available 8:00 am – 6:00 pm ET, Monday – Friday.
For more information:
Ordinarily I write about bad companies that victimize my clients or others.  In this case I'm writing about a company that tried to victimize me as a small business owner.

I do my business banking at PNC Bank.  I chose that bank because their involvement in the financial shenanigans that caused the Great Recession was minor.  As a bank, they've generally given me good service.

When I set up my bank account, they set me up with PNC Merchant Services for credit card processing, PNC Merchant Services has been less than steller, and one practice of theirs shows outright contempt for the customer.

In the Fall of 2014, I found that Amazon Marketplace had better terms for credit card processing than PNC Merchant Services.  I called to stop my credit card processing, and PNC Merchant Services stopped my monthly fee - that is, they did until spring of 2015.  In spring of 2015, they started adding a fee of $24.99 per month for something called Transarmor Solution.  I did not order Transarmor Solution. When I called to inquire, PNC Merchant Solutions said I was sent a letter about the new charge. This letter was apparently sent to my old business address and not where I received my statements or where I changed my address with PNC Bank.  Although this looked to me like your typical negative option scam that I see on consumer credit cards. In this case, PNC Merchant Services intimated to me that it was not an optional charge, and that if I want to close my account with them, I have to pay them a $450 early termination charge, even though they did not provide me with my credit card terminal and I was no longer processing credit cards through them.

If you are a small business person, doing business in general with PNC Bank is fine. The others are probably worse, but I recommend that you NOT do business with PNC Merchant Services.  I pnc merchant services contact a complaint with the CFPB, and more complaints may follow.


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