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50 Cent wants to make an urban Mac

According to Forbes Magazine, 50 Cent, the rapper and hip-hop impresario, has been in talks with Apple's Steve Jobs about launching "an affordable line of personal computers for the inner city." It doesn't sound like such a bad idea.

Why shouldn't the inner city have easy-to-use, affordable computers, and why shouldn't 50 Cent, the hardcore gangsta rapper who last year brought us the autobiographical movie "Get Rich or Die Tryin," be the person to help make it happen? As he said to Forbes about his rap career, "I never got into it for the music. I got into it for the business." Apple's personal computer business has more momentum now than it has in years, but it still remains tiny relative to the WinTel monopoly. And while it isn't clear just how much a partnership with 50 Cent would actually boost Apple's market share, courting a new audience by going "old school" couldn't hurt.

But this will require lower-cost machines which may put pressure on Apple's margins. Steve Jobs, known for his exacting design standards, may balk at the inevitable design compromises, which could also alienate the vocal Mac faithful. Moreover, "Fitty," with his history of gunplay and explicit lyrics, might prove a problematic partner for the progressive, family-friendly computer company.

Still, the man born as Curtis Jackson earned $41 million last year from a panoply of product lines -- including his G-Unit clothing, sneakers, videos and even mineral water -- has proven to be a shrewd businessman. And Steve Jobs has always been the Mac Daddy when it comes to marketing. If nothing else, we'd love to see Jobs and 50 Cent on stage at the next Macworld Expo talking trash about Windows machines.

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Will eBay ads save the Web?

eBay's move into online advertising might seem like a me-too move. But Techdirt argues that it could save the Internet. How? Here's the problem eBay could solve: Google's easy-to-use AdSense advertising program has created a massive incentive for the creation of fake websites, which profit from Google-brokered ads. The fake sites clutter up search results and drain online advertisers' budgets through fraudulent clicks. But eBay's ads -- which let other websites carry auction listings -- only pay websites a share of the commission when an advertised item sells, rather than a fee for every viewer who clicks on an ad. It's easy to fake a click, but faking a sale is another matter altogether.

By tying advertising to sales, not clicks, in other words, eBay could create a revenue stream for legitimate websites and shut out spammers. Will the program take off? The Conversion Rater blog says eBay's earlier success with its affiliate-marketing programs should help.

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Music file-sharing on the rise

Bloggers are openly scoffing at music-industry executives' claims that online file-sharing has been "contained." Actually, the say, file-sharing activity is on the rise -- it's just taking place through technology that the labels can't track. Gizmodo compares Recording Industry Association of America CEO Mitch Bainwol's declaration of victory over file-sharing to "Elliot Ness cracking open a few barrels of Canadian whiskey and announcing that bootlegging has been stopped." Digital Music News points out that traffic to file-sharing tracker website The Pirate Bay has surged, not plummeted, after a raid on the site by Swedish police. And by the numbers, Bainwol's claim that file-sharing activity is "flat" is just plain wrong: Nearly 10 million people are now sharing files, according to research firm BigChampagne, up nearly 15 percent from 8.7 million people a year ago.

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Monday, June 19, 2006

Google looks abroad for growth

With its utter domination of the U.S. Web search market nearly complete, it's natural for Google to look abroad for growth. Already, the company's mobile division is based in London, headed up by Nikesh Arora, a former T-Mobile executive who is now vice president for European operations, the Times of London says. And the company is desperately trying to hire someone to head up efforts to "localize," or translate, all of its Web products for the 112 countries where Google has registered its domain name, IDG News reports. Google executives have asked Reinhard Schaler, a localization expert at the University of Limerick, to help find candidates. Already, Google's Dublin staff hails from 40 different countries and together speak 30 languages, but apparently, that's not enough.

What do you think? Is Google better off seeking growth overseas? Leave a comment below.

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China's Internet censorship, easily defeated

At Cambridge University, computer-security researcher Richard Clayton has found a way to defeat the fearsome Great Firewall of China: Just ignore it. The Great Firewall, a system of routers and other network equipment that lets China's rulers censor the Internet, blocks Web pages with objectionable terms like "Falun Gong" and "democracy." China's online censorship regime has had a massive impact on the Internet, forcing Google to compromise its principles to gain access to the Chinese market.

But Clayton has found that the Great Firewall may not be any more successful than the real Great Wall in keeping out foreign influences. In order to efficiently censor the entire Internet, the Firewall's routers don't actually block Internet traffic. That would require many more machines than China has installed, and slow down Internet access for the entire country. Instead, China's routers, when they detect an objectionable word or phrase, send a signal to the Internet user's computer that makes it think the original Web server has stopped responding to the request to download a page. Clayton found that these fake requests are easy to distinguish from real ones, and that by updating their Internet software to ignore them, Chinese Internet users can surf any page they want.

Last year, some shareholders criticized Cisco for its involvement in building China's censorship systems. Maybe they should be scolding Cisco for building shoddy, easily defeated software instead.

What do you think? Will China's Great Firewall withstand this crafty assault from abroad?

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Rocketboom interviews Soros

As further proof of the coming of age of video blogging, pioneering "vlog" Rocketboom landed an interview with billionaire George Soros yesterday, which text blog Boing Boing describes as "excellent." Among other things, Soros spoke to Rocketboom's Amanda Congdon about the Bush Administration (general disapproval), the limitations of free markets (but he's not for world government!), and about his own relationship with the Internet. "I don't have any online habits. I'm a dinosaur," said the man who once more or less cornered the British pound. "I understand what's going on but I don't actually participate."

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Newspapers strike back with free classifieds

Watch out, Craigslist: Topix.net, a startup owned in part by newspaper chains Gannett, McClatchy, and Tribune, has launched free online classified ads alongside its local newsfeeds. The ads show up on local pages keyed to specific ZIP codes. PR expert Steve Rubel notes that the move "does convolute this market," since Topix's free online classifieds compete with paid newspaper classifieds, as well as with online job listings provided by CareerBuilder, a company owned by the same partners who own a stake in Topix.

Chris Tolles, Topix's VP for sales and marketing, argues on his company's blog that "it's clear that a 'free' classifieds system is going to be part of an overall listings strategy" for newspapers. Indeed, Topix's move follows the Bakersfield Californian's creation last year of Bakotopia, a free listings site which launched shortly after Craigslist entered the Bakersfield market.

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Friday, June 23, 2006

MySpace, the startup killer

MySpace has a message for startups: It's our space, not yours. The social networking site has forced the shutdown of DatingAnyone.com, a site that alerted its users to changes in the "relationship status" of designated MySpace members. TechCrunch notes that this is the second startup MySpace has killed in as many weeks. Last week a similar site called SingleStat.us shut down due to MySpace's legal threats after less than two weeks in existence.

In MySpace's "cease-and-desist" letter -- which DatingAnyone founder Jared Chandler posted on his shuttered site -- MySpace ticks of several concerns, notably that Chandler's "automated script" would put an undue burden on its servers, and that its terms of service expressly ban the commercial use of user information. All valid points, but, as Chandler writes, "it's unfortunate that there is no avenue for outside improvement of MySpace." He even suggests that allowing a broader community of developers to create enhancements for the service might help solve the problem of sexual predators, and TechCrunch readers seem to side with him. Writes one: "Pathetic! MySpace is destroying the innovation here! Their reasoning is ridiculous. People should be aware of this evil approach of MySpace!"

MySpace is shooting themselves in the foot. Certainly, the issues are complex, but opening up its site as a "platform" would allow third-party programmers to expand MySpace's features -- and lock in its status as the top social-networking site. Look at how Google made Google Maps so popular by opening it up to outside programmers.

Are we missing something? Should MySpace open up? Leave a comment below.

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Yahoo upgrades instant messenger

Things are heating up in competition for instant messaging market share. Monday saw the release of Microsoft's Windows Live Messenger, and on the same day Yahoo delivered an upgraded version of its IM client, while also providing tools to third party developers to write "plug-ins," or add-on tools, for the software. Clearly, Yahoo hopes that opening up its IM tool will help it stay ahead in the IM arms race.

Elinor Mills at ZDNet reports that the web portal and its partners have already released upwards of 20 plug-ins for the client that allow users to monitor eBay auctions, share calendars, and listen to music while chatting, among other things. With messeging tools taking on more functionality, notably adding voice messaging (or VoIP) capability, the IM client may now have usurped the web browser as the Internet's most contested turf. For some, however, piling all of these new features into chat software is too much. "I don't know about you, but I'd prefer my core Web services in my Web browser," writes John Paczkowski at Good Morning Silicon Valley. "Adding them to an instant messaging client just seems to be needlessly mucking things up."

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Yahoo has double vision on Web products

At Yahoo, it takes two, baby, to make a website so real. In the process of acquiring new websites and revamping old ones, Yahoo's accumulating a curious set of twins. On Monday it upgraded the year-old My Web service -- a relaunch that overlaps with the recently acquired online-bookmarking service Del.icio.us -- and this morning it released a Flickr-inspired version of Yahoo Photos, the Web's largest photo sharing site.

Michael Arrington at TechCrunch approves of the new photo site, pointing out that it allows unlimited storage and "brings in the best of Flickr," the photo-sharing site Yahoo purchased last year. And therein lies the rub: Yahoo has chosen to to keep its home-built applications separate from its sexy new acquisitions like Flickr and Del.icio.us, leaving users unsure which application to use. Flickr and Yahoo Photos both let users share photos online, while Del.icio.us overlaps with My Web in providing a way for Net surfers to categorize and share Web bookmarks.)

"So I am a little confused," writes a TechCrunch reader. "Should I pay for Flickr's Pro service or do I use Yahoo Photos, which does exactly the same for free?" Commented another reader, "About Del.icio.us and Flickr, anyone know why Yahoo is trying so hard to sideline two of its best purchases?" Showing up on the TechCrunch message board, Flickr founder turned Yahoo executive Stewart Butterfield spun the situation as best he could: "Don't worry... Neither Del.icio.us nor Flickr are being sidelined. They are different, slightly-overlapping-but-complementary products."

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Why we'll miss Bill

Are you really leaving, Bill? We only ask because it seems like some people are going to miss you. Take software entrepreneur and former Microsoft employee Joel Spolsky, for example, who reminisces about the first time Bill Gates reviewed one of his products. Back in 1992, Gates was Microsoft's CEO and still reviewed every feature of every product. Spolsky had given Gates's office an inch-thick spec for Gates, then Microsoft's CEO, to read. "There were notes in all the margins," Spolsky recalls. "On every page of the spec. He had read the whole goddamned thing." Fourteen years later, it's hard to imagine Gates -- or anyone, for that matter -- giving Microsoft products that kind of detailed scrutiny. But it was that kind of attention to detail that made Gates an effective software-company CEO back in the day. "Watching non-programmers trying to run software companies is like watching someone who doesn't know how to surf trying to surf," concludes Spolsky.

Even Mini-Microsoft, the anonymous renegade-employee blog which has often criticized the company's management, says that Gates will leave a hard-to-fill hole at the company. "We're going to need a Bill Gates action figure for those future program reviews, one that has the recorded line, 'That's the stupidest f'ing thing I've ever heard!'" Hopefully Gates will cut down on the swearing as he moves into the more genteel nonprofit world.

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Your car has more friends than you do

First there were social networks for people, then for soccer fans, and even dogs. Now from two ex-CNet staffers comes a social network for car enthusiasts. Boompa allows users to create MySpace-like pages for cars they own -- or wish they owned. "Users can tag and comment on the vehicle, and contact the owner and/or add him or her as a friend," writes TechCrunch.

At least some TechCrunch readers are optimistic, "Nice idea," comments one fan. "If high school boys find it, this site is going to be the biggest thing ever." But others point out that the competitive auto-related Internet space may be unforgiving. "Boompa is competing against thousands of generalist and niche-oriented auto communities that already have established brands, huge user bases, and equal if not superior feature sets," writes another reader." If opinions are mixed on Boompa's business prospects, there does seem to be a consensus forming around the unusual name, which conjures images of Willy Wonka munchkins, not hot rods: "Nice idea, horrible name," says yet another reader.

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Forget about Flickr, PhotoBucket reigns supreme

What's the biggest photo site around? It's not Flickr, Yahoo Photos, Kodak Gallery, Snapfish, or any other site you've likely heard of. Instead, research firm Hitwise reports, it's PhotoBucket, a free service favored by MySpace users. PhotoBucket accounted for 44 percent of all U.S. Web traffic to photo websites, according to Hitwise's analysis. Yahoo Photos ran a distant second at 18 percent, and Flickr ranked sixth with 6 percent. MySpace provided 56 percent of PhotoBucket's traffic, which accounted for its rapid rise this year. "Amazing," says Om Malik at GigaOm, noting that Flickr's vaunted Ajax programming techniques didn't win it more traffic. "Success has nothing to do with Ajax or cool stuff. It has everything to do with simplicity and giving users what they want."

Which photo site do you prefer?

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Could Apple team with BlackBerry?

What do you get when you cross an Apple with a BlackBerry? Call it a BerryPod. Peter Misek, an analyst at investment bank Canaccord Capital, proposed this particular horticultural experiment to the Globe and Mail, saying that adding Apple's iTunes to Research In Motion's BlackBerry smartphone could help both companies.

For Apple, RIM's wireless-email capabilities could help it crack the cell-phone market, while adding iPod features to the BlackBerry would help RIM boost sales outside the business market, Misek argues. Executives at Intel, which supplies chips to both companies, have been urging the match-up, according to Misek.

Former Apple executive Jean-Louis Gassee is skeptical, however, saying that Apple CEO Steve Jobs would likely clash with RIM co-CEOs Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis in striking an AppleBerry deal. "The thought of this menage a trois is absolutely hilarious," cracked Gassee to the Globe and Mail.

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Why we'll miss Bill

Are you really leaving, Bill? We only ask because it seems like some people are going to miss you. Take software entrepreneur and former Microsoft employee Joel Spolsky, for example, who reminisces about the first time Bill Gates reviewed one of his products. Back in 1992, Gates was Microsoft's CEO and still reviewed every feature of every product. Spolsky had homeguard san diego - Crack Key For U Gates's office an inch-thick spec for Gates, then Microsoft's CEO, to read. "There were notes in all the margins," Spolsky recalls. "On every page of the spec. He had read the whole goddamned thing." Fourteen years later, it's hard to imagine Gates -- or anyone, for that matter -- giving Microsoft products that kind of detailed scrutiny. But it was that kind of attention to detail that made Gates an effective software-company CEO back in the day. "Watching non-programmers trying to run software companies is like watching someone who doesn't know how to surf trying to surf," concludes Spolsky.

Even Mini-Microsoft, the anonymous renegade-employee blog which has often criticized the company's management, says that Gates will leave a hard-to-fill hole at the company. "We're going to need a Bill Gates action figure for those future program reviews, one that has the recorded line, 'That's the stupidest f'ing thing I've ever heard!'" Hopefully Gates will cut down on the swearing as he moves into the more genteel nonprofit world.

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FIFI predicts FIFA World Cup winner

According to artificial intelligence software written by two computer science students in the United Arab Emirates, Brazil will beat Italy in the finals of this year's World Cup of soccer. Shocking! say sarcastic Digg readers who collectively wonder why such an obvious outcome would require artificial intelligence. "Brazil winning the World Cup? Kinda like the Yankees winning the World Series," comments one. Still, others were intrigued by the application of artificial intelligence algorithms to a popular problem. The Dubai-based GulfNews.com says that the students put 20 years of historical data in to their model, which they have named FIFI, and which their American University professor calculates "operates with 83% accuracy."

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PaidContent.org gets paid for content

ContentNext Media, a website operator best known for online-media blog PaidContent.org, has taken a first round of funding from Greycroft Partners, the latest investing vehicle for private equity biggie Alan Patricof. ContentNext founder Rafat Ali describes the funding as the "next big step" since his site's launch in 2003. A gaggle of bloggers logged comments on his post to bask in the reflected warmth of the infusion of capital: "This is not only a good day for you and your team but also a great day for blogging and all of the bloggers," writes one.

Ali's new backer, Patricof, is the celebrated investor known for putting money behind Apple, AOL, New York magazine, and Office Depot, among others. Patricof also backed Wolff New Media, the ill-fated startup of journalist-turned-entrepreneur-turned-journalist Michael Wolff, who later penned the book Burn Rate, a bemused reflection on homeguard san diego - Crack Key For U own dealings with Patricof, media revolutions, and liquidity events.

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Microsoft, Yahoo, spend hundreds of millions on data centers

The cost of new data centers is rapidly rising, Slashdot notes, as the glut of facilities built during the bubble dries up. Once available on the cheap thanks to dotcom bankruptcies, the mammoth computer-hosting facilities now cost $100 million and up to build, and can consume as much electricity as a small city. Yahoo and Microsoft are rolling their own data centers -- large, warehouse-like spaces outfitted with cooling equipment and cages for rack after rack of server computers -- because of the shortage of space, and Equinix, a data-center operator, is opening new centers in Chicago and Los Angeles. Slashdot readers are posing keen questions about the trend -- why not, asks one, refit abandoned industrial buildings in cities like Detroit where land is cheap? But it turns out that the cost of electricity, not land, is the major factor in choosing sites, which is why locations like Quincy, Wash. and San Antonio, Texas are becoming the new hot spots for data centers.

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Friday, June 09, 2006

Google launches portable Firefox settings

Google has released software that allows users of the Firefox web-browser to save their "cookies, passwords, bookmarks, history and current list of open tabs" to a Google account, reports Lifehacker, effectively allowing web surfers to create what one Slashdot reader describes approvingly as a "roaming profile" that lets users access their browser settings regardless of what computer they're on. While generally welcomed, the release of Google Sync Firefox extension has re-ignited the privacy debate in the blogosphere.

"Personally, I'm not so worried about what Google sees," comments on Slashdotter. "I'm worried about the recent moves by the gov't to collect that info. Google is unintentionally setting up a nice little trap for a bunch of people." Lifehacker and several other Slashdot readers, however, downplay the privacy issue, noting that Google has implemented several levels of optional encryption which should satisfy all but the most security-sensitive users. Encryption is good, but there may be a more prosaic privacy issue notes another, perhaps more candid, Slashdotter: "Wait, I don't want all my bookmarks from home in my work browser!"

Posted by Oliver Ryan 11:38 AM0 Commentscomment 

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