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Jose mourinho inspirational speech

jose mourinho inspirational speech

Paul Pogba overlooked as Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho chooses after his inspirational speeches helped France win the World Cup. JOSE MOURINHO'S TOP 5 ALL OR NOTHING MOMENTS! · 'Saka and Martinelli goals so impressive' I Arsenal 2-0 Newcastle I Mikel Arteta press conference · Top 10 Funny. This commercial was released in September 2016 in Italy. Under the title of “Heineken: The Speech”. Listen to Jose Mourinho. You are the chosen.
jose mourinho inspirational speech

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Jose Mourinho gathered his players on the field for a motivational speech after their loss in the Derby della Capitale.

Roma suffered a 3-2 draw with Lazio at the Stadio Olimpico in the sixth game of the week in Serie A, while jose mourinho inspirational speech was the second defeat for the Portuguese team.

And while Bianconces coach Maurizio Sarri walked towards Curva Nord holding a mascot in front of his fans, 'Special One' urged his players to gather in the middle of the field.

(Photo: Screenshot / Twitter)

There, the 58-year-old delivered a speech, however he refused to reveal what he said to his players after the match.

"It's something secret, just like everything we say to each other in the locker room.

"I wanted to do it there (on the pitch), but it was the same as in the locker room," Mourinho told DAZN. 30 year mortgage refinance rates texas



Mourinho assembling his players on the pitch for a talk, while Sarri raises a living eagle to the cheering Lazio supporters.

Only in Serie A.

- 🏴‍☠️ (@casabianconera) September 26, 2021

Lazio win the Derby della Capitale!


Maurizio Sarri's Lazio best Jose Mourinho's Roma in a spectacular match in Rome 🦅💥🐺

- Football on BT Sport (@btsportfootball) September 26, 2021


A stirring team-talk from France's Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba just minutes before their World Cup Final win over Croatia has made waves on social media after it was leaked online.

Yesterday, footage emerged of France boss Didier Deschamps talking to his players but this latest video of Pogba has earned him jose mourinho inspirational speech of praise leading some to suggest that he and not Jose Mourinho should be delivering the United team-talks.

Pogba was superb for France during the World Cup and in the Final in particular. His hard-working performances were some way off the below-key efforts he turned in during a frustrating season at Old Trafford.

Such speeches do have the feel of a Hollywood epic about them but the honesty and passion of Pogba in the dressing room is something that can't be faked. 

Twenty-five-year-old Pogba tells the players: "We know how far we have come. We know it in our hearts - in our eyes - I can see it boys. We are concentrated. We cannot forget. We are 90 minutes from possibly making history - 90 minutes, one match. I don't know how many matches we have played in our careers but this is one match that changes everything.

"I want this evening to be in the memory of all the French people who are watching us. Their children, their children’s children, and their children’s children’s children. Today, there are 90 minutes to get back into history for life."

He concluded by asking for their tears: “I want to see tears—not tears of sadness, tears of joy—kissing the ground.” Stirring stuff! France won the Final 4-2.


25 Classic Jose Mourinho Quotes

Love him or hate him, deep down the majority of English football fans will admit to holding an admiration for Jose Mourinho.

Despite the conveyed arrogance in press conferences, attempts to manipulate the opposition, or even outright mind games, the Portuguese tactician is the modern master of management and will no doubt be remembered for many years to come.

The media love him, and it's not just for his entertainment value. Apart from the previous campaign's disaster with Real Madrid, Mourinho had won at least one trophy in all of his 11 seasons as a manager—an incredible feat.

Now back at Chelsea for a second spell, the 50-year-old has endured a solid start to life as the Blues boss, and to celebrate, we've managed to dig out some of his most famous quotes.

With all the press conferences and interviews he's ever taken part in, believe us when we say it was difficult to narrow it down to just 25.

Of course, you must remember this is not a ranking, but a mere anthology of the eccentric coach's most memorable quotes.

Join us! 

The match had initially. Tottenham Hotspur are in talks with Belgium international boss Roberto Martinez to come in as their new manager. If you sacrifice early, you'll win late.-- Capitalone com 360 login Haley Keep up to date with the exciting world of ladies' GAA football, from local grass roots games to All Ireland Championship matches, right here on RTÉ Sport. You can motivate players better with kind words than you can with a whip.-- Bud Wilkinson. A good motivational speech needs many elements. I don’t have anything prepared (I have fantasized about this moment since I was old enough to catch a ball) so I’ll keep this speech short (if anyone tries to take this mic I’ll bludgeon them with it). “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.”. I am the mother of a young man Tomás with autism. Rick Rigsby: ‘The Wisdom of a Third Grade Dropout’ ​Rick Rigsby uses a lot of famous quotes in this … Inch by inch, play by play, until we're finished. This isn’t just an example of an inspirational speech for a charity; it’s the actual talk my Little Sister and I did at a Big Sisters Fundraising Gala in Vancouver. Speaking in this clip, the Kilkenny boss spells it out in simple terms what it takes to be successful in a team game and every young sports person in the country should take heed of his words. He works as a Life Coach to help individuals overcome challenges and achieve personal goals. Success in football requires heart, pride, and teamwork. - Tim Notke There are plenty of talented people in the world. Take our quiz and find out just how well you remember the most famous Jose mourinho inspirational speech speeches. The June 3 clash will now take place at the Estadi Nacional in Andorra. You will find funny words of wisdom, one-liners, proverbs that will challenge . He is head and shoulders above his peers with 11 titles to his name, his closest rivals have 3. Persuasive Speech. The Six W's: Work will win when wishing won't.-- Todd Blackledge. Fake or real, these are some of the most popular motivational speeches from Hollywood! 1 comment: Petrow July 31, 2009 at 5:47 AM. Tim Notke on hard work. 'Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.' May 14, 2012 - “And it looks like there’s a bit of a schemozzle in the parallellogram” – Mícheál O’Hehir (Sports Commentator) Best Sports Motivational Speeches 20. Al Pacino – Any Given Sunday Speech 21. Herb Brooks – Miracle Speech 22. Rocky Motivational Speech 23. Ray Lewis & Eric Thomas – “Beast” Motivational Speech 24. Best Motivational Sports Speech 25. Tom Jose mourinho inspirational speech – Best Motivational Video To Prove Haters Wrong Peter Canavan collects the Sam Maguire in 2003. Well you’re in luck. The lock, who had most recently been on the books with Zebre in. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Best 50 Inspirational and Motivational Football Quotes. I love Cork so much that if I caught one of their hurlers in bed with my missus, I'd tiptoe downstairs and make him a cup of tea. Speaking in this clip, the Kilkenny boss spells it out in simple terms what it takes to be successful in a team game and every young jose mourinho inspirational speech person in the country should take heed of his words. Commentator on Kilkenny v Wexford National There are the watchwords he live by. A folksy and emotional effort which is largely specific to the GAA, this is the team-talk which is most beloved of the producers of Celebrity Bainisteoir. The manager will remind the players that they are playing for something bigger than themselves. The speeches we chose are not only inspiring for men about to hit the field, they’re motivating for those men who wish to walk jose mourinho inspirational speech the door each day to school or work, ready to take on the world. The speeches we chose are not only inspiring for men about to hit the field, they’re motivating for those men who wish to walk out the door each day to school or work, ready to take on the world. Before anything else, be authentic! Al Pacino – Any Given Sunday Speech. His Speeches have been used in all the best youtube motivational videos & he is respected and loved the world over. 25. These inspirational sports quotes will help you find your inner athlete. Jim Morrison said that during an interview. This true for people of all age groups, whether it be students, teachers, employees, etc. Topic: GAA Quotes - Gaelic Football 10 Pregame Quotes That Will Psych You Up For Competition

Jose Mourinho says it was Chelsea's MASSEUR who gave their pre-match team-talk

The Inspirational One? Mourinho reveals it was their MASSEUR who gave their pre-match team-talk as Chelsea beat City

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jose mourinho inspirational speech


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